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Meet Bubune: The Exceptional Student

Hi! My name is Bubune and ENGR 407 is one of the greatest classes of the year!

I was fortunate to get into the class because I had originally signed up for it much to late. My fate in the class was up to getting through the waitlist, and on the last day, I made it through. The class was anything but ordinary. First and foremost, there was little to no direction. Assignments were up to our creative interpretation, which was a breath of fresh air from other classes. On top of that, what other classes wanted you to make money!!! Money that you got to keep at the end!!! Needless to say, I was sold after that that ENGR was the greatest. I got to meet so many other great individuals and had tons of great brainstorming for ideas that I can use to make my very own fortune 500 company in the future. Overall I was able to build more confidence in my ability to run a business and add my own creative flare to any endeavors that I set out to do.

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